Continuous Wave Measurements and Propagation Module Tuning

Al-Hobess has a skilled Engineers & Technicians Teams supported with the required test equipments & tools to perform the Continuous Wave (CW) measurements in different field region sites for Propagation Module Tuning Purpose.

Al-Hobess Teams are capable to perform the below required activities for Continuous Wave measurements:

  • Sites Survey: to verify the locations of site, space/power availability, reassess the site feasibility, pole locations etc
  • Sites Selection: select of 10-12 suitable sites covers all clutter types within geographic region of model
  • Frequency scan: find the cleared frequency channel to used for CW measurement
  • Route definition: clarify drive routes to avoid street canyons, tunnel and elevated roads.
  • Test Antenna Installation & equipments setting: measuring the Tx power & VSWR before & after the drive test.
  • Collecting the RSSI within the coverage area of the selected sites using a calibrated test equipments which are: Signal generator (Transmitter) – Receiver/scanner – Site Master – Power Meter – Omni RX antenna with GPS, RF coaxial cables

Propagation Module Tuning

The aim of Propagation Module Tuning for Mobile Network is to:

  • Minimise Standard Deviation Error and provide zero mean error
  • Determine model parameters in accordance to realistic propagation effects existing within proposed regions.
  • Make sure calibrated model corresponds well with the collected data – data is essential.
  • Provide cost efficient Nominal Plan

Module Tuning Process / Activities:

  • Post Processing of the collected data from the CW campaign to average the data over 40λ to have 50 samples which gives one sample every 0.8λ.
  • Import & display of CW data on Atoll CrossWave SW
  • Data Filtering and statistical analysis
  • Data Validation
  • Generation of propagation model tuning
  • Model Verification and Acceptance