Siterra Telecom Project Management

Siterra is the industry-standard software for infrastructure lifecycle management, used extensively by tower companies, network operators and service providers of all sizes to manage project workflow, contractor interaction and asset tracking across the entire site lifecycle.

Siterra addresses the needs of  Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Service Providers, and  Wireless Tower Companies, helping link employees from different organizations in the industry to collaborate on projects. Siterra helps organizations manage radio access networks, including managing projects, assets, sites, and leases to help them respond effectively to customer demands and establish themselves as technology leaders.

Siterra offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing a variety of projects, including colocation, BTS, and maintenance activities. Since all site operation activities are anchored to specific sites in Siterra, you’ll have greater ease of use in navigating your portfolio.

Siterra is the Telecom industry standard software for:

  • Managing the necessary network upgrades, deployments, and maintenance projects that help Mobile Network Operators achieve these goals, easily collaborate with service providers in order to complete these projects on time and within budget.
  • Managing the deployment, support, and maintenance of the equipment and infrastructure necessary to run radio access networks, to help Telecom Service Providers for better collaborate with customers in order to complete network upgrades and deployments on time and within budget.
  • Managing the needs of Tower Companies for projects like tower builds, network rollout, and small cell deployments and facilitate collaboration with contractors that complete much of the field work, with features to consolidate project data and minimize the human factor errors that result in delays and cost overruns. The solution also automates the colocation process, providing real-time vacancy information to customers to accelerate tenancy growth.

Siterra Functional Features & Benefits

  • Project Management:Accelerate Network Projects – Standardize Project Workflows – Collaborate on Project Documents – Consolidate Project Data – Manage Large-Scale Projects – Complete Projects Remotely – Monitor Projects in Real Time – Predict Timeline Adjustments – Manage Purchase Orders and Invoices – Improve Quality Assurance – Manage Inter-Project Dependencies.
  • Site Management:Improve Visibility – Streamline Site Selection – Store Site Information – Monitor Site Inspections – Enhance Site Maintenance – Manage Sites Remotely.
  • Asset Management: Capture Asset Data – Assess Asset Value – Track Inventory Loans – Improve Asset Upkeep – Service Assets & Properties – View Asset Data Remotely.
  • Asset Management:Increase Efficiency in Lease Executions – Streamline Rent Processing – Increase Colocation Opportunities – Manage Tenant Collections – Track Lease Records – Reduce Costs through Expense Compliance.

AL-HOBESS provides the Professional Services to ensure the full return on the investment in Siterra for operators. Services include Installation, Commissioning, Training, Mentoring, Technical support and Maintenance.