Mobile Network Intelligence, Assurance and Optimization

NITRO Mobile captures, locates, and analyzes all mobile events across RAN and core, providing mobile service providers unprecedented detail for optimizing the customer experience as well as network performance. As operators evolve from LTE to 5G, NITRO Mobile has the scale and virtualized architecture to meet ever-growing data capacity demands while supporting automated optimization and analytics for third party applications.

Today’s mobile service providers face enormous pressures: the evolution to virtualization, cloud, network automation, IoT, and 5G. Massive traffic increases. Ongoing demands to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. In response, operators are building ultra-dense, massively scalable, automated networks that are difficult to test, and challenging to monitor.

NITRO Mobile meets these challenges head-on. The NITRO Mobile uniquely connects virtual and physical instruments with software-based assurance and optimization probes, agents, and applications, sharing end-to-end intelligence throughout the network lifecycle.

By increasing the automation of context-driven workflows, NITRO Mobile helps you manage your mobile network with less manual intervention. Through feeding real-time data from instruments and software virtual agents into a single presentation layer, NITRO Mobile, together with the scalability of the virtualized platform, helps reduce complexity and increase the automation necessary to confidently manage the evolution to 5G.


NITRO GEO platform: The heart of the Location Intelligence solution is the NITRO GEO platform, which connects to the Network OSS to collect customer generated trace data. Using patented methods the billions of events per day are geolocated, analyzed and loaded into the intelligence store.

GEOanalytics: delivers a sophisticated API to allow third party applications to make direct use of the location intelligence, with the additional dimension of building level resolution location information.

GEOinsights: unlocks the power of the location intelligence. The data feed transforms the detailed connection centric data into an anonymized, aggregated feed of insights about places, people, and time, enabling new revenue streams through data monetization.

GEOoptimize: The modular approach of GEOoptimize, deployed as a service or as a solution, meets the complexity issues operators face today by delivering automated network performance optimization harnessing the power of geo-located subscriber-centric intelligence.

GEOperformance: NITRO GEOperformance, powered by the Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics and Optimization (NITRO) intelligence platform, uses location intelligence to transform RAN planning and performance engineering by increasing operational efficiency, and significantly increasing return on investment, while delivering game changing improvements in the network performance actually experienced by customers.