Wireless Network Design, Planning & Optimization (ATOLL)

AL HOBESS provides the best successful & powerful SW Tool for Radio Planning & Optimization  ATOLL. It is a 64-bit multi-technology wireless network design and optimization platform that  supports wireless operators throughout the network lifecycle, from initial design to densification &  optimization.

Atoll supports multi Technologies : NB-IoT , 5G , GSM , UMTS/HSPA, LTE , WiFi ,  CDMA2000 , WIMAX/BWA, TD-SCDMA & Microwave Links.

Atoll features Automatic Frequency Planning and Automatic Cell Planning tools provide comprehensive and integrated multi-technology automatic network  design and optimization functionalities.

CrossWave is a universal high-performance propagation model supports all wireless  technologies and all types of environments, from rural to dense urban areas.

The Microwave tool is a comprehensive microwave link planning software allows  network operators to model backhaul network topologies and to dimension backhaul  links according to the mobile network traffic.

The Backhaul Capacity Planning module enables the analysis of end-to-end mobile  traffic routing and the optimization of backhaul capacity.

Atoll Live module breaks the traditional barrier between prediction-based and measurement-based planning and optimization tools. Atoll Live module allows incorporating KPIs and UE/MDT traces in order to combine predictions with real-world information in a number of Atoll features. By combining measurement-based and prediction-based approaches, Atoll provides operators with extended accuracy and a broad scope of use. 

The Atoll Live module adds live network data management, processing and display features into the Atoll platform, and enables measurement-based functionalities in technology and optimization modules.

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The technology matrix below shows the modules suitable for each technology. Several technologies can be combined in the same Atoll configuration for planning integrated multi-technology projects.