Cel-Fi WAVE is the software platform used to activate, optimize, and manage the Cel-Fi products.

Designed as the interface to Cel-Fi Boosters

Cel-Fi WAVE is the software application and cloud-based portal solution used for registering, setting-up, optimizing, remotely monitoring, and updating the Cel-Fi hardware. Available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices.

Cel-Fi WAVE for Mobile

The Cel-Fi WAVE App is designed for end users, installers and channel partners to activate and manage the Cel-Fi product line. The app connects to the device via Bluetooth and is available on smartphones and tablets.


  • Dashboard: Glance-able view to the state of your Cel-Fi environment, including the Boost Strength indicator.
  • Settings: Change the default Network Operator, select the booster technology (3G, 4G), setup an external antenna, configure the antenna position, and more.
  • Advanced Mode: Get real-time data and performance metrics for troubleshooting devices.
  • Booster Updates: Keep your Cel-Fi Booster up-to-date as new software versions become available.
  • Register (when required): Easily activate and register your Cel-Fi Booster.

For Setup/Registration of Cel-Fi Signal Boosters follow the steps in:

Cel-Fi WAVE for Computers

The Cel-Fi WAVE app is also available as a computer app and connects to the Cel-Fi device using a USB cable.

If you do not have a compatible Android or Apple device you will need to connect your Cel-Fi Coverage Unit (CU) to your computer with a USB cable.

The computer app will only work with Cel-Fi DUO, Cel-Fi PRO and Cel-Fi PRIME.

This app has all the same features as the Cel-Fi WAVE app (listed above for Mobile).

For Setup/Registration of Cel-Fi Signal Boosters follow the steps in:

Cel-Fi WAVE Portal

The Cel-Fi WAVE Portal is a cloud-based service that allows administrators to remotely manage Cel-Fi devices.


  • Dashboard overview of all your systems
  • Monitor and manage devices
  • Real-time data and performance metrics
  • Alarm policies
  • Email and text notifications
  • Manage software updates
  • Manage users and groups
  • Commission new systems
  • Carrier-grade security (platform can be deployed and trusted globally)