AL-HOBESS is Saudi-Based business firm, elaborated progressively along with strong fundamentals & enduring values. Its entrepreneurial paradigms zoom out the promising market offerings.
AL-HOBESS Services organization helps our clients discover and implement new technologies, build and enhance their networks, and implement new service and process strategies to meet the demands of the market.
AL-HOBESS offers to Clients a complete package of Professional Services & Solutions covers the whole cycle of the operating steps that characterize the realization of networks and systems, from planning, analysis, design, deployment, supply of software, products and equipments, and commissioning up to final testing & acceptance.
As a part of increasing effort, AL-HOBESS proudly gain the trust & respect among its world-wide partners to provide the best latest technology solution to our clients/customers.
Our values, ambitious, talents, learning capacity & continues improvement are the fundamentals to keeping forward and to be an excellence.

To be the premier & excellence company in providing the superior quality products & services, and the latest smart network technology solutions in order to built a trustful long-term partnerships with our customers.

To provide the best quality products, the latest technology solutions and the professional managed services in Telecommunication fields, to our customers to exceed their needs & expectations, and improve their network efficiency.
Professionalism and Integrity , Transparency and Loyalty to customer , Excellence Quality and Service , Continues Improvement , and Team Work